You as an entrepreneur

Do you have a good idea for an app? We could work with you and help you to bring your idea to the app store. If you choose to make the app free with adverts you receive money from advertising, if you choose to have the app for sale you receive revenue from the app store.

Either we manage the app store activities on your behalf or we show you how you can manage your business via the app store (marketing, sales, legal, etc).

B2C (business to consumer)

If you’re in business in a consumer market, consider the benefits of providing custom apps for your customers or for your staff. Read how we can help you to keep ahead of your competition by getting your products and services into the rapidly expanding mobile consumer space now:
  • Scenario 1: Commercial
  • We develop an app to your requirements that you would like to sell. We help you to put a link from your web-site to the app in the app store. Your customers pay for the app and you get the revenue.

  • Scenario 2: Marketing
  • We develop an app to your requirements and help you to put a link from your web-site to the app in the app store. Your customers or potential customers install the app free of charge and now you have your app in your customers iPhones/iPod touches and/or iPads. This is an incredible marketing tool that can be used to engage, entertain and inform people in many ways, providing direct communication and information sharing with your customers whilst they are away from a computer. For example, your app could offer location based services to your customers such as helping them to find out where your nearest retail outlet is or what offers are available in the local area. It could make existing information on your web-site such as opening hours, phone number, post code for their SatNav, product or service specifications, availability and price, accessible to customers on the go. This information is more more customised and easier to consume compared with a normal web page on a mobile phone.

  • Scenario 3: For your staff
  • Apps don’t have to distributed via the iTunes app store, in some cases they can also be distributed via an enterprise distribution system operated by registered Apple developers like us. We develop a custom app for you and deploy it directly to the iPhones used by your staff. The app could for example provide your sales force with simple and direct access to product information when visiting customers. Also, access to your intranet databases via an existing secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) or one which provides access using your existing secure WiFi at your place. This way your staff can continue to be productive whilst away from their office.

See these examples on the Apple web-site for ideas.

B2B (business to business)

If you offer technical or marketing services to other businesses, consider the benefits of adding custom iPhone apps to your portfolio. You can offer all the services listed under B2C to your customers by including us as part of your bid team and solutions delivery team.

Your community

Just think of the many ways in which a custom app could help your community. Contact us to explore your ideas.