Case studies

One of our clients had developed a game and had approached a toy manufacturer to see if they would license, manufacture and distribute it. We turned it into an iPhone app, arranged for audio and graphics design, and brought it to the app store as SqAres. We contributed a lot to the design including the development of an Artificial Intelligence mode where you can play against the computer.

One of our clients from Bournemouth, Dorset in the UK, developed an after-dinner party game and is considering producing a DVD version. We developed an iPhone app for them for a fixed price which does the same thing but allows them to sell it via the app store with much less overheads.

One client, Bauer Media, contracted our iOS consultant to take “proof of concept” software through to a mature products in the app store, also adding features such as integration into iOS Newsstand. See the Our Apps page for details.

We have developed an app for The Gourmet Society which is only available in the UK and Ireland. The Gourmet Society app uses your current location to inform you where the nearest retail outlets are that accept your loyalty card. For a fixed development cost from their marketing budget, the client can afford to let card holders have the app free of charge.

A University in Southampton, Hampshire in the UK, contracted us to develop all the software and music for an app being produced for one of their customers.