Our apps

Some of our apps are distributed privately but the following apps are available on the iTunes app store:

Apps published by Bauer Media

Our consultant was the lead iOS developer on a project managed by our client (Bauer Media) which resulted in over 40 digital publishing apps on the iPad and iPhone. These include: FHM, Mother & Baby, Todays Golfer, Q Magazine, Closer, Classic Cars, MCN (Motor Cycle News), What Bike, Model Rail, Your Horse, Angling Times, Trail, Garden Answers and (in Germany) Cosmopolitan and Bravo and (in France) Maxi Cuisine. Hundreds of thousands of these apps have been downloaded.

Fine Dining by Design Restaurants (only available in the UK)

This free app helps you to find restaurants in your area or by you specifying a location, restaurant name or address. It shows the address including post code for your satnav, the AA rating and Michelin rating, the details of any offers available to Design Restaurants Club members and a description of the establishment. Now over 10,000 downloads. For details see the Design Restaurants.


For details see the official SqAres app web site. Now free and with GameCenter integration

Smart Parking (only available in the UK)

appStore This free app tells you the number of available parking places in smart car parks in Hampshire.

Gourmet Society (now withdrawn)

This free app is for use by members of The Gourmet Society. It finds participating restaurants within 10 miles of your current location and lists them in order of nearest first. Also, you can search by specifying a location; for example if you are planning to visit another city you can search in that area before you go. If your iPhone or iPod touch loses internet access (for example if you only have WiFi access enabled and you leave home) the app will remember the previously found restaurants. The address and post code of the restaurants are shown so that you can find them e.g. by satnav. Each restaurant has a details page where you can find out more about the specific offers available and any restrictions on the use of your card. If you touch and hold down the phone number link your iPhone will call the restaurant so you can make a booking. Over 3,000 downloads

Which Place is This? (only available in the UK)

This app shows your current location but instead of the usual “show me on a map” it displays administrative information about the location such as the Post Code. It does this by determining your current location as a latitude and longitude such as 59.0, -1.3 (59.0 degrees North, 1.3 degrees West). It then interrogates a web server to obtain the administrative information for that location.

Things to be aware of

  • If you do not grant permission for the app to determine your location the app will be of no use. If you did not grant permission you can change this in the Location Services section of the Settings app.
  • On occasions the server may be very busy or you might not have a fast internet connection and there is no response.
  • The iPhone determines your location in stages, the quicker stages are the least accurate. It first checks the IP address of your device, this tells it which country you are in. Then it looks for cellular network sites, if it only finds one it assumes you are next to it. If it finds three or more it calculates your location by triangulation. After it has identified a number of navigation satellites it calculates your position much more accurately. These stages are more noticeable on a map based app as it zooms in or adjusts your location on the map as it becomes more accurate.
  • If you move more than 20 metres the app will retrieve the details of your new location. If you are travelling in a car for example your location may be changing faster than the server has time to respond before the app sends it a new location.
  • The server finds the post code and administrative information by checking your location against a database. The database contains the central point of each post code etc. It is possible that your location may be in one post code unit but closer to the centre of another; in this case the information presented will be of the area whose centre you are nearest rather than the area you are in.